Learning through constant exposure 常に言語を聞くとペラペラになれる

Here’s an article by Krashan in which he describes how an immigrant in the U.S. learned both Hebrew and English in his time spent living there.

The interesting point in this article is that this immigrant learned Hebrew informally through exposure while working on the job, and that he was about to build his proficiency in the language up to a point where he was mistaken for being a ‘close to native’ or native speaker of the language.

The primary factor for this guy reaching an astounding level of language proficiency was his constant exposure to Hebrew. A massive amount of input. This runs contradictory to what many educational institutions believe about language learning. Traditional views toward learning a language is that language skill comes through “studying” a language and also through lots of oral practice.

Krashan and this story would suggest that the opposite is true: language is absorbed by coming into constant contact with a language for a long period of time. Exposure.

Krashan:article  クラシン:記事

Absorb language 言語を吸収する


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